C-USA: A Trip Around the FedEx Forum

By David Scott - October 19, 2006

MEMPHIS - Hang Time successfully made the jounrey around the FedEx Forum concourse and everything we'd heard about the place proved true. Great sight lines, spacious concourses and diverse concession stand choices.

The concourse is especially intriguing for the fact that sections of the walkways are sponsored by various corporations, including International Paper, FedEx (of course) and the Commercial Appeal. FedEx's section is called the Time Center and is an interactive playground based on FedEx's commitment to timely deliveries.

Yeah - we don't get it either, but mainly that's because the exhibit was shutdown. We're sure that when it's plugged in and turned on, the experience is second to none.

* Good news! Not only is the Tiger cheer squad on hand, but we've also spotted the Tiger Dance Team.

Both groups, are, as far as we can tell, still stretching.

* A group of about 30 Memphis supporters have occupied the lobby and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Coach Calipari.

* Our off-set position in the foyer has been splendid, but for one miscalculation: there's no lights. because of that - and perhaps because we can't resist the urge to blog from a bar, we are moving the Hang Time hangout inside to the Old No. 7 Sports Bar. We are looking into the possibility of having Jack Daniels himself do some guest-blogging.

Posted by David Scott at 06:35 PM on October 19, 2006

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