C-USA: Good Old No. 7

By David Scott - October 19, 2006

MEMPHIS - Ahhhhh - that's much better. Not only can we now see our keyboard, we have been given a legitimate excuse to belly up to the bar as we have commandeered center space at the Jack Daniels Old. No. 7 sports bar.

Even more exciting is the fact that we've managed to get fourth-year Marshall head coach Ron Jirsa to join us for a first-of-its-kind (for Hang Time anyway) live-blogging session.

"I'm a one finger typer," said Jirsa.

No worries - Hang Time will type, Coach can provide the answers:

HT: What is that makes you think Marshall can be a basketball power year in and year out?
RJ: It starts at the top for us with our Athletic Director, Bob Marcum. He has has had tremednous success at schools known for basketball like UMass, where he had a great run with John Calipari. He's got a clear vision, and he was a strong propnent of us getting into C-USA. You get a sense of working together when you work with Mr. Marcum.

HT: Talk about the conference, how do you see it shaping up?
RJ: I believe that we've got what most conferences need: top programs nationally like Memphis, with top coaches. I mean, I'm in a room with Tom Penders, who's approaching 600 wins, and Coach Calipari and a guy like Willis Wilson who has been at Rice for 15 years. It's an outstanding league.

HT: You're in the Alaska Shootout this year, how did that come about?
RJ: Rusty Osborne, the Alaska-Anchorage coach does a tremendous job there and we've talked a few times and they had an opening, so we were honored to be part of such a prestigious tournament.

HT: It's not exactly Hawaii. . .
RJ: No, but I'm excited. It's actually my 50th state for me. I will have visited all 50 after that trip.

HT: Talk about how you've gone about building the program at Marshall.
RJ: You have to be true to the student athletes in your program. You've got to learn them and treat them with respect and build them up. Even though we didn't have a good record the past couple of years, we had a close bond. And we have to understand that nothing good comes quickly, but also that things can fall apart quickly if you take shortcuts.

HT: Coach, we just made live-blogging history. Thanks for your time.
RJ: Glad to do it. Thank you and CSTV.com for your interest in Marshall.

* UTEP coach Tony Barbee is in the house and he's currently gabbing with a couple of his former players and a few Tiger supporters who are wondering "Did you lose our number when you moved to El Paso?!"

Posted by David Scott at 06:52 PM on October 19, 2006
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Coach Jirsa is a great guy and a good coach. This program really had nothing when he got here and now he has some good players in his system. And they have beaten WVU the last two years.So we have had some big wins. I think this year is going to be a break out year for the HERD. Come on Coach Jirsa and GO HERD!!!!

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