C-USA: Media Slam Continues

By David Scott - October 19, 2006

MEMPHIS - We've got some bad news on the Tiger cheer squad and dance team. Not only are they no longer stretching, they have, as Elvis once did, left the building.

Hang Time is vowing to launch a full investigation into the sudden disappearance, but initial reports indicate that because of rainy weather the scheduled outside performance was cancelled. We will not sleep until we get to the bottom of this travesty.

* John Calipari's son, Bradley, is on-hand and sporting a stylish UMass sweatshirt. Bradley's older sister, Erin, currently attends the school their dad used to coach at. Bradley, a fourth-grader, popped into the Old No. 7 bar to say hello to Tony Barbee. When asked for ID by Hang Time, Bradley - a fledgling shortstop - said: "I'll be 10 in three weeks on 11/11."

Good enough for us. This is the South after all.

. . . Bradley's Daddy stopped in to the Old No. 7 and chatted up Tom Penders as his protege Tony Barbee took the stage. Young Bradley managed to procure a Sierra Mist on the rocks.

* Barbee got a nice round of applause off-camera from the assembled Memphis loyalists. He told Gillen and Davis the story of his first Pick-Up Truck ride with legendary UTEP coach, Don Haskins.

Hang Time has been privileged enough to experience a couple of those Haskins truck trips and let's just say they are enlightening. Haskins is, for our money, THE living legend of College Hoops.

. . . Not for nothing, but Barbee may be a first-year head coach but he projects as a guy who has been doing it much, much longer.

. . . From the student to the pupil - Barbee gave up his seat for Calipari, who will wind down the show.

We'll be back with one more post before we set the wheels in motion for CSTV's Mission: Eat Ribs.

Hang loose. . .

Posted by David Scott at 07:25 PM on October 19, 2006

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