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By - October 11, 2006

Torrell Martin didn't miss a beat when I asked what the Columbia, S.C., native was most looking forward to this season.

"I’m ready to get into conference play. I really am," Martin said. "The games are just great. I love knowing who we play and being familiar with the guys that we play [against] -- trying to see what they’re going bring at us differently to try and get a win."

So which particular intra-conference dates does Martin have circled on his calendar?

"I like every game but I love going to High Point and playing in that atmosphere. It’s always exciting and the crowd’s always chanting something. And going to Charleston Southern, that's another game I look forward to -- I know a couple guys on the team which makes it interesting. Another is Coastal Carolina because they beat us [last year]. Also, Jack Leasure is a great player and I like to play against great players."

So who are the craziest fans in the Big South?

"High Point. Definitely the craziest."

When asked if the Panthers ever got nasty in their zeal, Martin stepped right in.

"Actually, the rudest fans are Liberty. I’m serious," Martin said. "They’re the rudest, but the wildest are High Point. Both make it so much more fun to play."

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