MWC: UNLV Practice, Take Two

By David Scott - October 25, 2006

LAS VEGAS - The utilization of the Coach's Son (Kevin Kruger) at the point guard position is nothing new at UNLV. Former coach Jerry Tarkanian had his son, All American, Danny, running things for the Rebels in the early 80s.

These days, Danny is looking to run a different kind of team, as he seeks Nevada's Secretary of State slot in the upcoming election, as a Republican. In the interest of equal time, his opponent is Democrat Ross Miller.

Hang Time is throwing its substantial support behind Tarkanian, but if his dad continues to blow us off during our visit, we'll be forced to reconsider.

* After getting after it for about 90 minutes, the Rebels are currently shooting free throws as yoga mats are placed near center court for stretching with the ever-popular oversized rubber bands.

* The trimmed down, toned up Wendell White was Hang Time's MVP of the practice. He's just one of the reasons some Rebel backers are secretly smiling at the potential this team has with good depth and some veteran leadership.

* The referees on hand are MWC regulars and all four appear to be in game shape. All whistles were functioning properly and in fine tune and the requisite black sneakers were shiny and squeaky.

Posted by David Scott at 07:02 PM on October 25, 2006

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