"Late Night" Presses On

By - October 13, 2006

The variety show -- which, in all honesty, is more like a pep rally on steroids -- continued as Wes Miller and Reyshawn Terry led a group of players a series of silly skits performed to dance numbers like Skakira's "Hips Don't Lie" and Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" -- all with choreography as detailed as the most elaborate motion offense.

Next came the Mr. ACC competition, a faux "beauty contest" where players from four ACC schools competed to see who was most suave and debonair. The Miami student ("Dion") was represented as a surfer dude with a boogie board; Duke was a book nerd with taped eyeglasses and a red backpack pulled too tight; North Carolina State was a hillybilly complete with steer costume wrapped around his hips; while Terry represented UNC -- cool as a cucumber in his Carolina blue uniform.

Scott emceed the question-and-answer porition of the contest.

Q: "Dion, if you were a real hurricane what would you be named and what category would you be?"

A: "Dion. And category three 'cause it rhymes with D."

Q: "Hillybilly Bobby, how would you make the world a better place?"

A: "I'd start by buying everyone their own cow."

Q: "To the Duke student, If Carolina plays at Duke on Duke's Senior Night, what is the probability that Duke comes out on top?"

A: "Well, uh, last year, uh..."

Q: "Reyshawn, what's your ida of a perfect date?"

A: "April 2nd. In Georgia. When we bring home Carolina a national championship."

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