SEC: Fact Junkies and Rule Changes

By Doug Kroll - October 25, 2006

Here's a quick list of facts that SEC Commisioner Mike Slive had to say about his conference. Being a stat junkie/fact junkie like I am, I thought they were interesting. Basically he was tooting his conference's horn a little, and like I said before, for good reason. Also, there are some rule changes and points of emphasis that were spoken about.

-Last season marked the first time that a conference won both the NCAA Championship and the NIT Championship since 2003.

-Half of the league's teams went to the postseason for the 28th straight season.

-Every team in the conference has made the tournament in the last five years, meaning that all 12 squads have tasted the Big Dance during that time period.

-Every team has been ranked at least once since 1999-2000 season in the AP Poll at one point or another.

-Last season's total attendance: 2,205,320 people saw SEC basketball, with three teams being in the Top 12 in attendance in the nation.

-Of the 60 starters in the SEC, 43 of them return this season.

-Six teams are ranked by various publications to begin the season, and eight players have been in various Preseason All-America teams.

We also got a briefing about rule changes that I thought I'd share at this point.

-Timeout requests shall not be recognized when an airborne player's momentum carries him either out-of-bounds or into the backcourt.

-During some SEC exhibition games, the men will experiment with eliminating the first lane space nearest to the basket on each side of the lane, which they hope will keep down the rough play that goes on fighting for a rebound after a missed free-throw.

The only other rule that is really being tinkered with is the "Point of Interruption" rule, which states that "Play shall resume at the point of interruption after double fouls and simultaeous fouls, instead of putting the ball in play where the fouls were committed.

The head of the SEC Officials also was very clear that rough play was not going to be tolerated this season. They have been teaching their officials the last few weeks to be on the lookout for such play, especially during loose ball situations where someone dives on a pile. That specific situation will not be tolerated anymore, and will result in a foul.

That should get you caught up on the facts and figures and rule changes for the SEC this season.

Posted by Doug Kroll at 05:42 PM on October 25, 2006

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