SEC: Glen 'Not So Big Baby' Davis?

By Doug Kroll - October 25, 2006

Yes you read it right. LSU's baby faced big man has trimmed down, although he still dwarfed nearly everyone in that room (media, players, and coaches alike). But the Tigers' man in the middle has dropped a reported 40 pounds. He was listed near 330 during LSU's run to the Final Four, and now he is listed somewhere in the neighborhood of 289. Not bad. So the question becomes, "How did he do it?"

Easy, I guess. Kickboxing.

"I just worked out tremendously," Davis said. "I did a lot of activities, playing to running to all kinds of stuff, kickboxing. I did a little kickboxing, not too much, not everyday, just with one of the trainers and I would do a little of it. We didn't actually get into it, but he would show me a couple of things. He was my sparring partner."

When asked if he was excited about this upcoming season, Davis replied.

"Excited? Yeah I'm excited, it's a new me. It's a different guy that you see right here," Davis said. "I think it's going to help me. Losing the weight I think brings out another side of my game that you all haven't seen yet. You all already assume that I can't do it, because I was fat. You all already counted me out that I can't shoot, or dribble the ball or guard the three-man. It's gonna open some people's eyes and bring some more value to my game, and help the team."

To say Davis was blunt, would be an understatement, but still he was one of the more silly guys to be around in the media room, even though this year he says that things will be more business like, still keeping things fun he added. Al Horford from Florida knows Davis well, and added some insight on the not-as big fella.

"We've obviously been playing against each other since we were freshmen," Horford said. "And we got to hang out a little bit in Indianapolis. He's silly, man, he's a funny guy. But I think when it comes down to playing, he's ready to go...he's focused. He used to be quick when he was heavier, so I'm sure he's quicker now, so it's going to be a big challenge to play against him."

Lunch is served, more to come from session two which starts at 2pm Central...Also haven't gotten a chance to type up some stuff on a very very very very humble Alabama squad.

Posted by Doug Kroll at 01:10 PM on October 25, 2006

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