BC Fans Arrive Late - Per Usual

By David Scott - November 29, 2006

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - Watch for the 3-ball to play a big part in the game tonight. Michigan State shoots the 3-poiner at a .446 clip, while BC has struggled from beyond the arc at just .263. The Spartans also defend the 3-ball particularly well (opponents shooting .290) and BC is at .377 in the category.

. . . The traditionally late-arriving BC crowd is, as tradition dictates, late in arriving. Traffic patterns around the Conte Forum are always a nightmare and parking in the area is virtually non-existent. With six minutes before tip, the building is less than one-fifth full.

. . . Broadcaster Sean McDonough walked over to greet Coach Tom Izzo as Izzo sat on the visitor’s bench (with 23 minutes til tip) while his team went through lay-up lines. Most head coaches hide in the bowels until tip - nice to see Izzo taking in the pre-game atmosphere at Conte.

He sat, three seats in on the MSU bench, alone for a few minutes and watched BC go through its lay-up line

. . . With 20 minutes to go on the pre-game clock, BC came out to a rousing ovation and the school’s fight song.

. . . Big night for hoops in Beantown, with this game and the struggling Boston Celtics facing the New Jersey Nets at the TD BankNorth Garden. Personally, if we were choosing which event to purchase tickets for, this game would win hands down.

. . . Tonight’s two conferences being represented (Acc and Big Ten) are first and second in NCAA Tournament appearances (BT - 174, ACC-160), victories (BT - 281, ACC - 316) and Final Fours (Bothe - 38). Those numbers are since 1939.

. . . With Michigan State making its only northeastern visit, there are a handful of NBA scouts on hand. Seats are reserved for representatives from Toronto (former BC coach from 1971-77 Bob Zuffelato), San Antonio, Charlotte and New York.

Posted by David Scott at 06:52 PM on November 29, 2006

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