Friars Surge Out Early

By David Scott - November 22, 2006

PROVIDENCE - The Dunk has filled in nicely - no late arrivers these Friar Fans.

PC’s pounding the boards early with Geoff McDermott and Herbert Hill helping the Friars to an 11-4 lead at the first TV timeout.

. . . In-house emcee John Dolan III is doing his usual bang-up job during the TV timeouts.

. . . PC’s marketing push this season includes the moniker “Friartown,” which is emblazoned on a billboard just off Route 95 near downtown.

. . . One student held a sign near the BC bench reading “The Big East is Better.” Simple and to the point, we suppose. Untrue, too. But at least they spelled Big East correctly.

. . . Our recurring obsession with school mascots brings us to the white-robed Friar, who appears to have one of the Crank-Yankers’ faces. It also has a pep in its step and a little bit of hops.

. . . The sneaker battle is between Reebok (BC) and Nike (PC).

Posted by David Scott at 07:44 PM on November 22, 2006

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