BC Out Ahead Early

By David Scott - December 02, 2006

AMHERST, Mass. - The early pace is favoring UMass who likes the up-tempo style. BC likes the half court set better, and, in the early going, is using their interior people with more efficiency to take the 18-13 lead with 11:35 left in the first half. Both teams appear determined to get it inside the paint.

. . . UMass’s Rashaun Freeman sports the wide Mohawk for this one. Jared Dudley of BC has the little ponytail thing working. Four Eagle are wearing headbands, in direct defiance of the Skiles Rules, just one Minutemen is head banded starter, Tiki Mayben.

. . . UMass has ten players averaging 10 minutes or more of playing time, BC has eight. Early on, UMass is shuttling in more players and resting some guys - could be important later on if the Minutemen can ever get the pace up.

. . . Tiki Mayben, who has been turnover prone this year, had two turns through the first TV timeout.

. . . Tonight’s officials are Joe DeMayo, Brian Dorsey and Sean Hull.

. . . Longtime Pioneer Valley resident (and former radio voice of the Minutemen), George Miller, is the voice of the Mullins Center these days. Some of you may recall when a guy named Mike Reiss used to have the honor of introducing line-ups and giving in-house announcements. Reiss, of course, is now the Patriots beat writer for the Boston Globe.

. . . The Minuteman mascot curls up in the fetal position and covers its eyes as the opposing team is being introduced. Very cute, and a big imporvement over the old orange-faced Minuteman. This dude has a gray face, the tri-cornered hat and more practical faux leather booties. He’s also got the open collar white dress shirt with the maroon ascot underneath. Not every mascot can pull off the ascot thing, but this is one Mascot that Looks Good With an Ascot.

Posted by David Scott at 07:54 PM on December 02, 2006

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