Hang Time On Location: T's Pub, Comm. Ave.

By David Scott - December 06, 2006

BOSTON - Through the wonder of wireless and a short walk up Comm Ave, we are now with you (plausibly) live at T’s. There are a several UMass alums filtering in and we've already met up with Associate AD Tim Kenney who is shaking hands and kissing babies. Okay, there's no babies - but he's working the room nicely.

It’s a big week for UMass athletics as the football team is playing in the semifinals of the (formerly known as) I-AA Playoffs, on Friday night against Montana.

UMass pride is a tricky thing in a city where Boston College has the “real” NCAA program. But when the Umies (as we’re called) get together and get behind a certain team (see: national runner-up, Lacrosse last season), there can be some good momentum which leads to wider coverage in the Boston papers and more positive UMass buzz throughout the region.

Amherst, as you may know, is two hours from the capitol city and because of the distance in miles, there’s a distant form of coverage that is undertaken by both the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.

. . . T’s is mostly a hockey bar because BU is mostly a hockey school, but it serves well as your run of the mill sports bars with several flat screens, local sporting pictures and a dimly-lit, wooden feel to the place.

. . . Boy is this live-blogging thirsty work. . we'll be bakc in a few.

Posted by David Scott at 06:30 PM on December 06, 2006

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