Library Quiet Start

By David Scott - December 21, 2006

WORCESTER, Mass. - We're underway at the Don't Count on Us Center and we are still overwhelmed by the lack of energy and emotion in the arena.

The game's first points came at 15:58 form Mason's Will Thomas.

With 15:44 left in the half, Mason leads 2-0.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an early candidate for most uninspired, least attended game of the season, and your Hang Time hanger is here to chronicle it for you (until our WiFi allowance runs out, of course).

. . . Coaches Jim Larranaga and Ralph Willard shared an extended pre-game discussion on the Mason bench, just before Larranaga wa skind enough to speak with the Holy Cross radio team for a pre-game interview.

. . . Holy Cross has, what appears to us, to be a new outfit for its Crusader mascot. Sporting a purple mohawk, a matching purple cape and a purple shield, the Crusader does have quite a threatening appearance.

. . . Tonight's sneaker battle is waged between two Nike schools.

Posted by David Scott at 07:02 PM on December 21, 2006

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