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By David Scott - December 06, 2006

BOSTON - UMass trainer Ron Laham is leading the Minutemen through pre-game stretching as The Ag begins to slowly fill up for the men’s portion of the doubleheader.

The final Minuteman stretched out by Laham was Rashaun Freeman. BU had been in the locker room for a bit by the time the Minutemen returned for final pre-game instructions.

. . . UMass is wearing the rare all-black unis that were deemed jinxes back in the day by the Minutemen under John Calipari. The team always wanted to wear the black, but the Coach used it is a carrott to dangle in front of his players faces for big games they NEEDED to win. Tonight's game doesn't quailify as such, but it's pretty close.

. . . During UMass’s pre-season tour of the Bahamas, they played a team called the Crimestoppers. We checked for you - McGruff was not the team’s mascot.

. . . For those of you on the eastern seaboard and are (un)fortunate enough to have Comcast as your cable provider, tonight’s “Hang Time” contributor (David Scott) will be a guest on the 11 p.m. “Out of Bounds” show on CN8. The appearance is live from 11-midnight and will follow a full four hours of live-blogging. In other words, there’s not telling whaqt will come out of my mouth. I’m usually good for some level of car-crash TV.

. . .Hard to say this a rivalry for either school, but they have been facing each other for over a century. The late UMass coach, Jack Leaman, had a BU-connection (he played here), as did the former Minuteman coach Matt Zunic (who coached here in the 1950s).

Posted by David Scott at 07:59 PM on December 06, 2006

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