Ten Til Tip

By David Scott - December 09, 2006

KINGSTON, R.I. - Just about 10 minutes from tip and the Ryan Center is starting to fill in a bit.

The locals haven’t quite embraced the Runnin’ Rams yet, but Rhody still draws fairly well, averaging 3,699 per home game. The Rams win 60 percent of the time in this building which opened four years ago. The Ram Dome holds 7,687.

. . . The Utah roster has a big international flavor with two Serbians, two Australians and a French native.

. . . The Hang Time Sign of the Day goes to the creative soul in the North end zone who has created a “Hit’em So They Can’t Seawright” poster in honor of Rhody sophomore Kahiem Seawright, the team‘s minutes (31.8 mpg) and rebounding leader (9.2 rpg).the game.

. . . Two NBA teams requested scouting passes for the game, Toronto (represented by constant gentleman, Bob Zuffelato) and Boston.

. . . Today’s referees are DJ Carstensen, Mike Eades and George Harry.

. . . The sneaker battle is being waged between two Nike schools this afternoon.

. . . The Village People’s “Macho Man” played over the PA system with 16 minutes to go before tip. Not exactly a “Hang Time” favorite by any stretch. Worst of all, it will probably be stuck in our heads throughout

Posted by David Scott at 01:48 PM on December 09, 2006

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