Waves Won't Go Under

By David Scott - December 20, 2006

HARTFORD - Pepperdine continues to scrap and claw and launch three's, but UConn has picked up the pace considerably to extend to a 56-46 lead with 11:52 left in the game.

The crowd at the HCC has been quite subdued (a result of no students being around, we're guessing) and the game has been a bit too ragged for real fan invovlement.

. . . We continue to be fascinated by the Pepperdine trainer, the eloquent and poised Debbie Prouse, who - in addition to sitting at the head of the bench - has now been spotted restraining one of the assistant coaches (yes, Loren Lebeau), who was starting to get into with an official.

Prouse, who used to play soccer for the Waves, also once served as the trainer for "Battle of the Network Reality TV Stars.

. . . UConn's Hasheem Thabeet appears to have put himself in Jim Calhoun's doghouse and has seen plenty of pine time this second half.

. . . How we have possibly gotten this far without a Katrina and The Waves joke is absolutley beyond us. Maybe we are actually growing up.

Posted by David Scott at 08:15 PM on December 20, 2006

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