Welcome to Amherst (and my Alma Mater)

By David Scott - December 02, 2006

AMHERST, Mass. - A few ground rules are in order for this particular evening of live-blogging from the UMass-Boston College intra-state battle (LIVE on CSTV at 7:30 P.M. EST).

I am both a Massachusetts native (grew up 30 minutes north of Boston) and a University of Massachusetts graduate (1993 plus/minus). During my years at UMass as an undergrad and a few months of post-graduate employ, I was an assistant in the school’s sports information office. I left the two years before John Calipari and Marcus Camby took the Minutemen to the Final Four and I haven’t been back inside this building - The Mullins Center - in about a decade. I used to park in the building’s back lot EVERY day.

So, needless to say, there’s a history here for me. In addition to giving me a degree (thanks, in large part to the honorable Ralph Whitehead, Jr.), the once proud ZooMass gave me an identity. A decade and a half later, I actually still write the same column that I did for the student paper, The Daily Collegian for about the same number of readers and at about the same maturity level.

I grew up here to some degree - probably devolved a good bit, too. So there are some serious emotions rolling around as we chronicle this battle for Mass. Bragging rights.

It’s always odd to return to a place that helped shape who you are today. We’ve all done it at some point - some more than others.

My simple point is this: There will - in addition to the vivid commentary and instant analysis that you’ve come to expect from the live-blogging of “Hang Time“ - also be a heavy dosed of inside jokes and, well, collegiality to the night’s proceedings.

Consider it our attempt to either bring you back to your college days or to relate to the ones you are having (or will soon have).

. . . Game Notes for UMass may be found here.
BC game notes can be found > here.

. . . Pure and simple - UMass would like to run (they average 77.9 ppg as a team) and BC would like to plod (69.2 ppg). It’s the same type of match-up as last week’s BC-URI game, where BC and The Seans (Marshall and Williams) imposed their will on the Rams. UMass is second in the Atlantic 10 to URI in scoring (83.6 for the Runnin' Rams).

UMass will be more difficult to tame because of the talent level and bench depth available to Travis Ford. UMass enters a 1.5 point favorite according to morning line in the Boston Globe.

. . . The CSTV broadcast will be called by Jonathan Coachman (of WWE fame) and Sean Farnham (of UCLA fame). The duo was eating a pre-game meal of Wendy's in the press room and Farnham was repeatedly apologizing for spilling four drinks in the Merceded Benz of "Coach." It seems some Dr. Pepper went down in the spill and the crew was forced to drink Coke with their meal. "Coach" was not at all upset and very forgiving, as Farnham then tried to predict the worst possible scenarios for the rest of his CSTV debut. They should be an enjoyable listen if the pre-game meal is any indication.

. . . UMass's cheer squad was rehearsing at midcourt just before 6 p.m. and the perky cheerleader Nicole was taking some shooting practice. Meanwhile, near the Hang Time perch, Domino's pizza was delivered to feed the pep band upon its arrival.

. . . Hang Time has already made a pre-emptive stop at world famous Antonio's Pizza in the center of Amherst. Known far and wide for the best slices around, we got a two box, 16 slice assortment pack that ran the Hang Time charge card a full $45 with tip. The slice smorgashboard is resting in the Hang Time cruising vehicle's trunk and will be dispersed during tomorrow's Patriots tailgate.

Posted by David Scott at 05:45 PM on December 02, 2006

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