Big East Schedule Balanced for Next Season

By David Scott - January 23, 2007

PROVIDENCE – Just a few minutes until tip and The Dunk is filling up at a steady rate.

No true celebrity sightings yet, but Jake and Elwood Blues are in the building tonight, each with white towels they’ll be waving on behalf of the home team. The duo stands, much to our dismay, in front of the band with black sunglasses and black hats topping off the required black suite, white shirt, black tie ensemble.

. . . Still no official word on Curtis Sumpter's status and the starting line-ups have yet to appear on the big board (we have no stats monitor at our seat tonight).

. . . For those of you who watched the Big East match-up between UConn-Louisville last night, you may recall a soapbox oration by Dick Vitale on the need for the Big East to get to a more balanced schedule where every team plays each other team at least once. As the scheduling stands now, some teams don’t meet at all during the regular season.

Well, it appears Vitale was talking a bit out of school. According to the Big East’s John Paquette, the situation had already been rectified and it has been decided that the 18-game slate for next year will ensure every team meets at least once (meaning some schools will play each other twice, as well).

The Big East is attempting to get the word out and we’re doing our part.

Your welcome.

. . . Providence and Villanova did not meet last season. The two teams first met on February 15, 1936 when the Friars earned a 46-37 win at the Providence Civic Center. Villanova’s last visit to Providence - on Jan. 11, 2005 - resulted in an 83-78 overtime victory. The trip home after that one was eventful - Villanova’s team charter flight was forced to return to the Providence airport minutes after takeoff. The flight landed safely.

Posted by David Scott at 06:59 PM on January 23, 2007

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