Friars Settle Down, Come Back

By David Scott - January 23, 2007

PROVIDENCE – PC has gotten back into it with the 3-ball, including the first of the game for Weyinmi Efejuku with 8:23 left in the half to bring the Friars to within two points, 21-19. With 7:20 left in the half, the ‘Nova lead is 23-21.

. . . PC head coach Tim Welsh has been flabbergasted in the early going, using two tide-stemming timeouts before the game was ten minutes old. His Friars continued to be sloppy with the ball until Curry was re-inserted.

. . . Curtis Sumpter was also re-inserted with 10:44 left in the half and the ‘Cats up 19-11. He is back on the bench with 7:20 left in the half.

. . . Welsh rolled the dice and put back Sharaud Curry with 10 minutes left in the half (with two fouls) and was rewarded with an immediate 3-pointer form Curry to cut the ‘Nova lead to seven. Scottie Reynolds recognized the situation and began driving directly on a retreating Curry at the other end, but missed a lay-up.

. . . ‘Nova big man, Will Sheridan picked up his second foul of the evening with 9:11 left in the half, while he was trying to defend Herbert Hill.

. . . The Blues Brothers (many years removed form schooling) are now leading the student section in chants of “Nardi’s Ugly.” Stay classy, Providence.

. . . Our guy, John Dolan, the in-house PA/Promotions guy has hit us a couple of times already with his famous, “Strike up the band” line. Classic stuff from the Big Redhead.

Posted by David Scott at 08:08 PM on January 23, 2007

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