Tippin' at the HCC

By David Scott - January 20, 2007

HARTFORD - Pre-game introductions are underway and the HCC is about filled as the crowd learns that AJ Price will start out on the bench.

Adrien, Dyson and Thabeet have started every game this year.

. . . The referees this afternoon are Jim Burr, Ed Corbett and Reggie Greenwood - a prime time crew.

. . . Today’s sneaker battle will be waged between Nike (UConn) and adidas (Indiana).

. . . Our early candidate for Player of the Game is UConn student radio voice, senior Dave Gelman (Hopkinton, Mass.) who hobbled to the broadcast table on crutches, having suffered a twisted right ankle yesterday, playing some pick-up ball (at least that’s his story).

Gelman has been taking some Motrin, but nothing stronger so the FCC need not concern itself with the possibility of some pain-killered-up student filthing up the airwaves.

Gelman vows to keep it clean - unless someone steps on the injured foot.

Posted by David Scott at 03:47 PM on January 20, 2007

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