Chilly Conte ready to Heat Up

By David Scott - February 14, 2007

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – The building is quite chilly with about 20 minutes until tip, but we're expecting things to warm up qucikly once the game gets underway. BC entered the arena with 20 minutes until tip and the fans cheering loudly. A chant of "Let's Go Eagles" started soon thereafter.

Both end zones are filled with students and the traditionally late-arriving remaining portion of BC fans is holding form. Roadways in and around Boston (and Conte Forum) are covered with slush that, because of rapidly dropping temperatures, is turning into ice. We saw three separate cars that had spun out within about 10 miles of Conte , so we’re expecting an even later-than-usual crowd, despite the 9 p.m. tip.

For those of you on Tobacco Road who can’t understand this laissez-faire attitude, you are now beginning to understand the difference between ACC Basketball every where else and ACC Basketball in Boston.

. . . Duke came out to a rousing ovation of boos with 30 minutes until tip. Not to get to “deep” with you, but the Blue Devils had the “look” of a team that knows exactly what is at stake in this one.

. . . Dickie V gave equal time to both end zone sections of students - as he always does - and was serenaded with a chorus of “Dickie V, Dickie V.” The most stressed perosn in the building for Dickie V games? The TV broadcast’s stage manager who has to make sure Vitale remembers to get in his seat by game time. Right about now, she’s nervously keeping an eye on the Bald Dome of Hoops, so as not to lose him.

. . .The game is bringing out a large crowd of the local Boston media that, for the most part, ignores the Eagles until right around this time of year - or usually a couple of weeks form now when the bids are announced. It’s a pro sports town and even with the two winter pro sports teams sagging sadly (The Cletics and the Bruins), that is still mostly the case.

. . . BC has been installed as a slight favorite, but we’re a big fan of the Hungry Team Theory, which loosely translated suggests that the team that NEEDS the win more is usually the one that gets it. Especially when that team is Duke and that coach is Coach K.

Posted by David Scott at 08:38 PM on February 14, 2007

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