Dudley the Basketball Player Opens Eyes

By David Scott - February 03, 2007

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – Quiz time, hoopsheads: Which ACC player is among the Top 5 in scoring (fifth), rebounding (second), field goal percentage (fifth) and minutes played (first)?

Go ahead give a guess. Tyler Hansborough of North Carolina? Nope. Josh McRoberts of Duke? Wrong again.

It’s Boston College’s Jared Dudley and the senior from San Diego understands if you may not have had his name at the top of your ACC Individual Leaders list.

“I don’t think I’m underrated, but maybe unknown sometimes,” said Dudley after putting up 30 points and 13 rebounds on Virginia Tech (16-7, 6-3 in the ACC) to bring BC to 16-6, 7-2. “If I played at UNC or Duke everyone would know who I was.”

As it is, college basketball is getting an introduction (albeit a bit late) to the all-everything guy for Al Skinner’s consistently scrappy bunch.

“He ain't no ‘two,’ he ain't no ‘three,’ he ain't no ‘four,’” explained Virginia Tech defensive specialist, Jamon Gordon. “He’s just a basketball player and basketball players will beat athletes all the time.”

On Saturday before a packed house at Conte Forum, Dudley was a basketball player on a mission. His 30 points came in 33 minutes of play (he sat, with three fouls, for seven minutes of the first half as BC had built a comfortable lead) and on 11 of 15 shooting from the field (including 4 of 5 from 3-point land, all but one of those in the second half). His rebounds broke down as seven offensive and six defensive and he also chipped in four assists with 4 of 5 from the free throw line.

A basketball player, indeed.

“This is my last year,” said Dudley, who has helped hold the team together after two players (Akida McLain and the gifted Sean Williams) were kicked off the team in early January. “I’ve only got three more home games. I’m trying to go out as one of the best players that has ever played at BC.”

That mission may be tough to accomplish, but Dudely - who stands eighth on the school’s all-time scoring list - will most assuredly be remembered as one of the most versatile and tenacious Eagles ever. His NBA future might have been in question entering the season, but after 20-plus games, the only question is how high he can go in the draft and what team will be smart enough to take a chance on the classic “tweener.” According to sophomore guard, Tyrese Rice, all the NBA folks would need to do is take in one of the Eagles’ practices.

“It shows every day in practice,” said Rice whose 20 point, eight assist effort was overshadowed a bit by Dudley’s demonstration. “Every team that Dudley is on in practice, they always win. His energy and him jumping all over the court, everybody just feeds off that. When Dudley is out there, hyped up and tugging on his jersey, it just makes us do the same thing.”

It also makes Dudley stand out more and more with each passing game in the talent-laden ACC. He might not be at Duke or UNC, but he’s certainly putting up the numbers that will get the attention of the folks in those places - and beyond.

Posted by David Scott at 03:32 PM on February 03, 2007

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