Huskies Come Back

By David Scott - February 05, 2007

STORRS, Conn. - Some spirited play early on both sides and you sense that both coaches have been able to convey the importance of this one to their charges.

AJ Price has heated up for the Huskies, hitting two consecutive 3-pointers in the 8:00 area, to trim the Orange lead to 16-15 with 7:26 left in the half. UConn had trailed by as many as seven.

Josh Wright (5 points) and Demetris Nichols (seven) lead the Orange in the early going, with 12 of the team’s 16 points.

. . . The foul discrepancy continues with Syracuse having been called for eight to just two for the Huskies.

. . . We’ll try and offer some of our impressions of the Burton Family Football Complex throughout the game. First and foremost is the “greenness” of the building - meaning it’s eco-friendly.

At one of the toilets we were directed to, it was marked as a water-saving, dual function porcelain piece. Not to get all bathroom humor on you, but basically if you go No. 1, you pull the handle up and if you go No. 2, you push down. The toilet then responds by using more or less water, as needed.

Posted by David Scott at 07:31 PM on February 05, 2007

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