A-10: Day One Wrap

By Matthew Shapiro - March 08, 2007

ATLANTIC CITY - From my beautiful Holiday Inn room with an ocean view, let's take a quick look at what happened today and what's on the slate for tomorrow.

Today was all about the underdog coming close, but choking in the end. Charlotte, Richmond, Duquesne and Temple all had leads, but none could hang on to force an upset. Here are a few of the day's most interesting moments:

Quote of the Day:
"I talked to [Duquesne Head Coach] Ron [Everhart] before the game about the young man who just got cleared to play who has two bullets in his head, and it kind of makes this game seem insignificant."
- St. Louis Head Coach Brad Soderburg, after his team's 78-77 win, on the return of shooting victim Sam Ashaolu.

Player of the Day:
There a lot of worthy candidates, but the honor goes to Richmond freshman, Dan Geriot. Although his team lost, Geriot 's 27 points (12-15 from the field and 3-3 from behind the arc) kept the Spiders afloat on several different occasions when it looked as though Fordham was going to seal the game.

Game of the Day:
Other than the first, the games today were all very close. In fact, the total margin in the last three contests was seven points. That being said, I found the Richmond/Fordham game to be the most interesting. Maybe it was the 13 lead changes, or maybe it was the fact that no one expected Richmond to even be close, but something about that game made it the most entertaining of the day for me.

Up Next:
We'll see another full day of action tomorrow, with the A-10's top four teams getting into the mix. Here's a look at the games:

Noon- Dayton (8) vs. Xavier (1)
2:30- Fordham (5) vs. Rhode Island (4)
6:30- St. Louis (7) vs. UMass (2)
9- St. Joe's (6) vs. GW (3)

I'll be back in less than 12 hours to start up day two from Atlantic City.

Posted by Matthew Shapiro at 12:42 AM on March 08, 2007

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