A-10: Day Three Wrap

By Matthew Shapiro - March 09, 2007

ATLANTIC CITY - Ten down, one to go. Boy, does Wednesday feel like a long time ago. (A little poetry, courtesy of Matthew Shapiro.) Tonight concluded the semifinal round of the tournament, and there's only 40 more minutes to be played here in Boardwalk Hall. Lets take a look at what happened tonight, and what we're looking forward to tomorrow.

A look at today's finals:
Game One (6:30): Rhode Island 79, Xavier 71
Game Two (9:00): George Washington 60, St. Louis 40

Player of the Day
Rhode Island forward, Kahiem Seawright. Seawright's 17 points and eight boards fueled the Rams past Xavier, and give URI a real shot to make the NCAA Tournament. Seawright stepped up when his team needed him most, tallying 11 points and five boards in the second half. GW's Maureece Rice (22 points) is another worthy candidate.

Game of the Day:
Pretty easy call here. Rhody's upset win was one of the most exciting games yet, not only because it was a big upset, but because it was the game in which the A.C. crowd was most vocal.

NCAA Tournament Watch:
With Xavier's surprising loss, it looks like the A-10 will snag two dance cards. Tomorrow's winner will join the Minutemen on the big stage next week.

Up Next:
Just one game tomorrow, the big one for all the marbles (I never understood all the hype over the marbles).
6:05- Rhode Island (4) vs. George Washington (3)

Tomorrow's game will be a really good battle. Both of these teams have had a good fan base here, so the crowd will be into it, and both squads have lots of momentum from their previous two wins. It should be fun. See you then.

Posted by Matthew Shapiro at 11:21 PM on March 09, 2007
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all the marbles basically refers to 'quick intellect', and that same quick intellect one would exhibit in a victory over an opponent. e.g. if you were playing an actual game of marbles (who plays that anymore, and who ever played that game?) and you were able to snag more marbles then your opponent, you'd be 'smarter' then him/her. not sure it works for b-ball when defined as such, but the meaning as most people have come to know it, certainly fits...as in, one game tomorrow for the whole 'shabang'? of course, not like as in Ricky Martin or ala William Hung, 'She Bangs, She Bangs', but SHA-BANG! P.S. I know that Matty Shapiro actually exists...and after he reads this entry, he will have 'lost his marbles'!

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