A-10: Joe Lunardi Sighting

By Matthew Shapiro - March 07, 2007

ATLANTIC CITY - That's right folks, Mr. Bracketology himself, Joe Lunardi has entered the building. He seems to be a quasi-celebrity amongst media people, as he has been saying hello to everyone, shaking hands and kissing babies (I made up the last thing, but I'm sure if there were babies here, he'd be kissing them).

As for the game, it's been a pretty good one so far, as the lead has changed hands on several occasions. Right now, the Dukes lead 26-24 with seven minutes left. Billiken Ian Vouyoukas got the crowd fired up with a big slam (possibly the first of the day), and followed it on the next possession with a nice low-post move to give St. Louis a temporary lead.

Posted by Matthew Shapiro at 07:01 PM on March 07, 2007

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