A-10: The Deadliest Catch

By Matthew Shapiro - March 09, 2007

ATLANTIC CITY - It seems that on every commercial break, the jumbotron is showing a commercial for the Discovery channel's "The Deadliest Catch." The show sounds good, but I think we get the point. Fishing for crab off the coast of Alaska is dangerous, we know. Let's see some new products.

In basketball news, this is another great game that shows how even this tournament has been. With 11:35 left, the score is tied 51-51. An interesting thing to note is that if URI can win this game, the A-10 will almost certainly have two teams go to the NCAA Tournament. Xavier will get an at-large bid, and someone else will win this thing. I wonder if A-10 people want to see Rhody pick up some momentum here...

Posted by Matthew Shapiro at 07:59 PM on March 09, 2007

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