A-10: What Else is New?

By Matthew Shapiro - March 08, 2007

ATLANTIC CITY - For the fifth consecutive game, the lower seed has jumped out to the early lead. Dayton is currently up on Xavier, 19-17. The lead could have something to do with the Dayton band's brilliant way of confusing the X men during their offensive sets.

With about 10 seconds left on the shot clock for Xavier, Dayton's band starts counting down from five, making everyone on the court seem a bit rushed. When the clock gets to "zero" (around five in reality), the band lets out a huge "EEEHHHH" sound, trying to sound like the buzzer. The Musketeers are likely not actually affected by it, but I like the concept either way.

Posted by Matthew Shapiro at 12:35 PM on March 08, 2007

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