ACC: 'Pack It Up, 'Pack It In

By - March 09, 2007

As State puts the finishing touches on its come-from-behind victory -- Gavin Grant's two free throws just opened a 75-66 lead with 31 seconds remaining -- the guy blogging for ACC Nation seated to my left (who outed himself as a Virginia fan with the second table slam a few minutes ago) looks like he wants to run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.

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I'm the ACC Nation blogger in question.
I did let my UVa. alum status shine through in one instance - when Mamadi Diane was called for a charge on a play late that erased a game-tying basket and killed whatever chances the 'Hoos had to win the game.
To be accurate, I did bang my fist against the table in front of me - exactly once. Bryan, seated beside me, wrote here on this blog that I hit the table twice, then mentioned to my "ACC Nation" cohost on Saturday that it was three times.
The story just kept getting better and better ...
My lack of decorum on press row in this instance is not one of my better moments. That said, I come to sportswriting honestly - and I hope that the fan in me that made me gravitate toward sports journalism as a career never dies inside me.
I have come across far too many sports journalists who have long since allowed themselves to become jaded to what they do - and I think it shows in their work.
I have a passion for sports - and sometimes it comes across in a bang against a table in a game that I let myself get caught up in, other times it comes across in what I think is good analysis and commentary.
Bryan sat beside me most of the weekend in Tampa - he could have simply asked me what was up before slamming me here on his blog.
I would expect that out of somebody who is billed as the basketball editor at Hell, I would expect that out of the kid on the other side of me writing for the UNC school newspaper.

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