ACC: Potent Quotables

By - March 10, 2007

Some more notes from tonight's twinbill to come but in the meantime, here's a sampling from the post-game pressers:

  • "In the first half we were letting them dictate what we were doing on offense and we weren't being really aggressive with our cuts and our screens. In the second half we came out and took what we wanted instead of taking what they gave us." --North Carolina State's Brandon Costner on his team's offensive adjustments in the second half

  • "We came here to win the tournament, we didn't come because we had to be in the tournament. We beat Carolina this year, we beat Virginia Tech twice, and those are two teams that were at the top of the league. I thought throughout the year we were immature at times and that's why we lost a couple of games we shouldn't have lost. But guys like Brandon [Costner] and Ben [McCauley] and Courtney [Fells] are really maturing in front of our eyes and that's why we were able to win a lot of games." --State's Gavin Grant on team morale through Coach Lowe

  • "All you have to do is look around at games that are going on now and will be going on next week. As we've been talking about for two days, this game today, games yesterday and the day before, tomorrow -- whenever -- are not games that are played on paper. They're not played with records. They're played with competitiveness. If you don't compete, I can guarantee you the other team is going to figure that out and they're going to compete. We stopped competing, they kept competing and they never gave up down 14. As a result, they put it to us." --Virginia coach Dave Leitao on his team's lack of energy

  • "They just did things better. Fatigue was not a factor." --Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser on Virginia Tech's taking control in the second half. (The Demon Deacons had played a double-overtime game that ended in the wee hours of Friday morning.)

  • "I hope it's not. When I was sitting on the bench thinking that this could be the last time I wear the uniform, it's ... I don't know ... I hope it's not. It's out of our hands now." --Wake Forest senior Kyle Visser on Friday's game potentially being his last

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