Big East: A little something missing.

By Jerry Palm - March 07, 2007

After having seen the MVC tournament last week, this game looks like it's in slow motion. It's not that the teams aren't necessarily playing hard, it's just missing that extra bit of intensity that I was seeing in the MVC. Maybe it's the lack of familiarity in this league vs the MVC. Mabye it's because it's still early in the day, but these teams aren't selling out like the Valley teams did.

DePaul is making a little comeback and is within 1. Scottie Reynolds just had a sequence where he showed both his brilliance and his inexperience. He had a nice steal as DePaul was coming down on the break, but raced down the floor and missed the layup. Nova rebounded and sent it back out to him and he forced up a bad shot and missed. DePaul then came back down and scored.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 12:31 PM on March 07, 2007

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