Big East: Battle of disconcerting mascots

By Jerry Palm - March 07, 2007

West Virginia's mascot is a Mountain Man who carries a rifle. I know they shoot that thing off at football games. I hope he keeps it holstered tonight, but if I'm a ref, I'm concerned that someone that close to me is armed.

Providence's mascot is, I assume, a Friar. It's really - what's the word - creepy. It's a guy with a big head on that has this gaping open-mouthed expression, perhaps a smile?, and he's wearing a white robe. I guess it's a Friar's robe. It also has a hood like a hooded sweatshirt. It kind of looks like a bad Halloween ghost costume.

The ref is testing the system that stops the clock automatically on his whistle, and it doesn't seem to be working.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 06:58 PM on March 07, 2007
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that friar is the new and improved version. up until about 10 years ago, it had a black robe and hood, droopy eyes, and a red nose. yes indeed, this was a drunk priest fresh from sampling the latest brew at the abbey. it was hilarious!

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