Big East: Gimps everywhere

By Jerry Palm - March 07, 2007

Hamilton is indeed out with a knee injury suffered last Sunday, so I missed the memo. He is listed as a probable starter in the game notes, which must have been done before then.

Also, referee Tim Higgins looks a little gimpy when he runs. I just saw him at the Valley tournament and don't remember him having any problems there.

Marquette's up 3 at the second timeout.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 09:41 PM on March 07, 2007
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How does James look in person? Does it look like his shooting woes are bothering him? We can't see expression or body language on TV. I don't see them advancing too far if it is affecting his game which is built on confidence.

James looks fine. He's not overly expressive generally (I've seen Marquette twice before today). He's not doing the kinds of things that would indicate he's frustrated at all, like forcing shots or quitting on defense.

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