Big East: What's a knish?

By Jerry Palm - March 08, 2007

Thanks to the Big East's starve the media policy (and the fact that I got here too late for dinner), I found my way to a concession stand for a bite to eat. The thing at the top of the menu was Hot Dog and Knish. I'm told knish is like a potato pancake. I'm on board for that. I have a lot of Germans in my wife's family, and potato pancakes are a favorite.

I also made the mistake of putting mustard on my hot dog, which invariably leaps off of the dog and onto my clothing. So if you're looking for me on TV, I'll be in a blue shirt with a big yellow spot on it. That doesn't mean I'm rooting for Marquette.

The Eagles take on Pitt, looking to beat them for a third time this season. With Marquette's lack of size, I'm surprised Aaron Gray hasn't just dominated this team. He has 34 points in two games, which is pretty good, but I would expect him to score at will.

We'll see if Dominic James can find his shot tonight. If not, it'll probably be a long night for Marquette.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 09:58 PM on March 08, 2007

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