Big Ten: Letting It All Out

By Phil Kasiecki - March 09, 2007

CHICAGO - There's a screaming kid sitting right behind us on press row, right behind the Ohio State bench. Not only is it grating on my nerve, but half the time the screams come as the shot by Michigan is at the rim - a little late, in other words. And here I thought it was bad to have a screaming kid near me on a long flight (let's hope that doesn't happen Sunday night).

There are a few to be heard at the other end of the floor as Ohio State shoots, but they're not as obnoxious. It must be that thing called proximity.

Even though there is a pretty good crowd here right now, the arena is still silent at a number of moments. Some Wisconsin fans have entered and more Iowa fans have made it as well, among the ones I can easily observe.

As we reach the under-8 media timeout, Ohio State is up 20-14.

Posted by Phil Kasiecki at 12:30 PM on March 09, 2007

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