Big XII: Final Minute, Part 2

By Jean Neuberger - March 11, 2007

Last minute to play...KU 84, Texas 81

1:00 - Augustin for Texas attempts to shoot a 3-pointer...BLOCKED..Rush with the block, KU ball.

57.0 seconds - KU with the ball, trying to run as much clock as possible...Collins finally takes the shot...NO GOOD. Texas rebounds and calls time out. The KU band is rocking the "Oh oh oh" song again.

22.4 seconds - Texas inbounds the ball...Augustin with it...takes it himself...BLOCKED by Darnell Jackson...scramble for the ball...KU recovers...foul called. It's Jackson to the line...first one is GOOD! (85-81 KU)...second one is...GOOOOOOD! (86-81 KU!)

13.2 seconds - Texas sprints down the court...Abrams plants his feet and throws a long-range 3-pointer...GOOD! (86-84 KU)Texas calls timeout in a hurry as every fan in Ford Center is ON IT'S FEET!

8.3 seconds - Robinson gets the ball..fouled by Augustin.

5.3 seconds - Robinson shoots the first...GOOD! and the second...GOOOOOOOOD! 88-84 KU!

Texas runs...throws a prayer..hits the shot clock...this one is OVER!


Posted by Jean Neuberger at 05:39 PM on March 11, 2007

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