Buffalo: We're Back and Pitt's Up

By David Scott - March 15, 2007

We're just back from the VCU locker room where EVERYONE was smiling broad, goddy smiles. We'll do our post-games columnette on the Rams' semi-stunner so that we can now focus on the Pitt-Wright State game which has the Panthers leading the Raiders 21-15 with 10:16 left. Wright State had been down by 13 with 17:05 left in the half.

. . . In his post-gamer with Bob Wenzel of CBS, Coach K said : "Sometimes to appreacite winning you have to get your butt kicked and we got our butt kicked.

He added, that he felt the "early foul trouble really hurt us" by forcing the Blue Devils to sub earlier and more frequently than they would have liked.

. . . You shoulda seen the frothing New York press corps eagerly writing the Duke Obit in the press room. We're a mean lot when we want to be, I'll say that.

Posted by David Scott at 10:33 PM on March 15, 2007
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I don't how many people may be having the same problem with the CSTV All access webcast, but I would sure like to know who to turn to to get it resolved. Every 2 minutes I get a commercial override of the game audio, with the same set of 3 or 4 commercials for CSTV drowning out the game. Their customer feedback folks just said "Sorry-that's the way its screened" WHAT??? What am I paying for-the game audio or their streaming commercials? They need to STOP sending out that commercial signal at preset timed intervals by doing their jobs. If anyone else can shed some light on this before the Final Four I would sure appreciate it!

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