Buffalo: Cats Fight Hard, Terps Prevail

By David Scott - March 15, 2007

The biggest shame of Maryland's 82-70 win is that Stephen Curry won't get to play again this year. Fortunately he's a freshman and this won't be his last post-season taste, I can almost guarantee you that. He finishes with 30 points.

Maryland simply dominated the boards in this one and Davidson lost its 3-point shooting touch in the second half.

. . . We'll go work the post-game interviews and such and be back with you for the tip of Butler-Odu which will tip at 2:58.

. . . Much love and many thanks to our "Buffalonian" commenter who informs us: "Not that is matters much, but... originally HSBC stood for HongKong-Shanghai Banking Corporation. They are London based, and have bought lots of smaller banks, like Buffalo's Marine Midland (which was, of course, the previous name of the arena - before that it was Crossroads Arena, ad. nauseum)

"Nowadays, just like some other acronym'd brands like KFC, HSBC is not supposed to 'officially' stand for anything. Though seeing how their purchase of Household has gone, they may want to reconsider...

Enjoy the downtown wind, and the games in our fair city!"

Oh, it matters quite a bit, I assure you. This is why I love both the Internet and all the fabulous Hang Time Hangers like "Buffalonian."

Now, any thoughts on a downtown place with "sneaky good" wings - I've done Anchor, I want something off the radar a bit. Had a great meal at Hemingway's last night, on Peral Street. My man Joe the Barkeep, while quite talkative, was also quite attentive.

Posted by David Scott at 02:29 PM on March 15, 2007

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