Buffalo: Curry is Spicy

By David Scott - March 15, 2007

The incomparable Stephen Curry came out of the Davidson locker room and scored the Cats' first five points of the half to give Davidson a 48-44 lead, about a minute and a half into the second stanza. It was part of a 9-0 run to begin the half and caused Gary Williams to cause an early timeout with 17:21 left in the game. The Cats lead 52-44.

The Davidson faithful are in a lather behind us, and rightfully so.

. . . Looks like this game and the BC-Texas Tech affair will be going down to the wire as those tow teams are switching off with the lead from Winston-Salem. Stanford trails 46-20 at the half to Louisville, so that one is OVA!

Posted by David Scott at 01:40 PM on March 15, 2007

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