Buffalo: Duke on Display

By David Scott - March 14, 2007

The Duke Blue Devils have taken the floor at the HSBC and Coach Mike Krzyzewski explained in his presser that the team has already had a full practice at the nearby Nichols School where Christian Laettner went to high school.

Coach K said the Blue Devils would just be shooting during their 40 minutes of court time (after having stretched and jumped rope). So far the Duke players have put on a dunking display in their lay-up lines, causing many in attendance to ooh and ahh. The largest crowd of the day, by far, is in attendance to wacth the Blue Devils, including a lot of school children, who are now out of school (the early practices came during school hours for most).

There are several hundred people in the stands on both sides of the court and a big throng waiting at the tunnel entrance. Several of the fans are taking pictures and many are hoping for autogrpahs.

The Duke media conference was also the most attended of the day, by far.

. . . The Pittsburgh pressers are now underway, so we'll scoot back to listen in on Jamie Dixon and a few of his players, but we'll get back with you and share some of Coach K's thoughts from his media session, where he repeatedly mentioned the youth and inexperience of his team (just one senior, a reserve).

Posted by David Scott at 04:33 PM on March 14, 2007

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