Buffalo: Gregarious Gary? True Story

By David Scott - March 16, 2007

In a Tournament that is lacking significant upsets, we may have just experienced our first legit shocker: The usually gruff and tumble Maryland coach, Gary Williams, showed his kind and cuddly side.

We only caught the latter portion of Williams' presser but we were able to query the 18th year Terps head man on how much, and in what way, he watches the NCAA Tounament.

"I'm a bigger fan this year than I was the last two years," joked Williams, whose team had been absent from the tournament for two seasons after a string of 11 straight. "It was really hard to watch last year."

But today especially, it will be alot easier and Williams looks forward to the chance to watch many of the teams his squad faced during the regular season.

"Today's a great day for me because we have some time to watch the games even as we prepare to play Butler," said Williams. "This is a good time of year if you're a basketball fan. If you're in coaching, you're a fan and I get to root for some of the coaches I like and that I am friendly with. You get to see the contrasting styles and see how teams on, say, the West coast are playing."

Asked to elaborate on wsho some of those coaching friends he might be rooting for would be, Williams cracked wise, "I can't say because we might face some of them and some of those guys I like might not like me."

Now how could that possible be? Especially if they know this Gabby Gary.

Williams also indicated that he roots for the ACC teams so the league's power ranking can continue to be high. That was even the case last night when Duke was playing.

"Mike Krzyzewski and I are good friends but people don't know that because of some of the great battles we've had," Williams said.

Who woulda thunk it? The raging, lunatic who prowls the sideline with a scowl and sweat-stained shirt is actually funny and friendly.


. . . We've got a good throng of media types watching the wire battle between UNLV and Georgia Tech. They've all figured out that we've got the best TV in the room, by no accident I might add.

. . . The popcorn battle at my press table is now a No Contest as I have added spicy chips to my popcorn bowl. No one can keep up with me now and I'm on the verge of adding pretzels to the mix.

Once I get the in-shell peanuts involved, I'm pretty sure all the New York writers will drop out.

(We told you it would be a different experience with no courtside access. You were warned.)

Posted by David Scott at 02:35 PM on March 16, 2007
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Nice work with the alliteration.

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