Buffalo: Halftime Stats and Observations

By David Scott - March 15, 2007

The two teams combined to shoot 15 of 49 from the field in the first hafl, including an ugly 4 of 20 from 3-point land. ODU continues to lead the battle of the boards 21-15 as Gerlad Lee as has been a monster on the offensive galss for the Monarchs with 5 of his game-high seven rebounds coming off ODU misses.

The ODU bench holds an 8-2 lead in scoring and the Monarchs have turned the five Butler turnovers into nine points. ODU's seven turns have resulted in zero points.

. . . Now we're really peeved - our guy Jason Owens reports in from Sac-town where there are, in fact, dance teams in the building. Oh how we miss the LSU pom squad from the SEC Tournament. I'm convinced that Big Baby should have been allowed in the Tournament by himself, just to get the Ragin Cajun Dancing Tigerettes into the building. I would have fought to cover that site.

. . . Some complete a-holes behind us who were offended that we wouldn't give our neighbor's halftime stat sheet to them. I'd like to find where these bozos work and go and harass them while they're busy banging away on their computers. One of them has more gel in his hair than Steve Lavin and I think he's alwaso wearing eyeliner.

Damn, I hate morons.

. . . Oh, yeah, that's hunger pangs you're reading in those venomous words. But, as always, I'm on the side of truth.

. . . Not sure what either team needs to do in the second half to advance to play the Terps. I'm guessing they could start with scoring and Butler needs to pick it up on the glass.

Posted by David Scott at 03:59 PM on March 15, 2007

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