Buffalo: Halftime Stats, Observations and General NCAA Railing

By David Scott - March 15, 2007

The stat sheet tells the same story we've been relaying: Davidson is shooting the 3-ball (7 of 20) and Maryland is dominating in the paint (28 to 10) anbd on the boards (28-17, with 11 offensive boards). Surprisingly, Maryland has 11 turnovers to just seven for Davidson and the Cats have turned those seven into 16 points, while Maryland has just six points off turnovers.

Mike Jones is leading the Terps with 10 points and Stephen Curry paces the Cats with 18 (including 3 of 7 from 3-point land).

. . . Two things we need to point out about the NCAA (which we actually don't hate as much as some, but do find some oddities about) : One, they're gouging media folks who need wiireless internet access by charging 30 bucks a day. That's fine, and we're paying it. But when the access goes down and we have to re-log in, mid-blog, we get a bit perturbed. Two, there is some kind of Clean the Tables campaign going on, as the HSBC cleaning crew came and swept the table of cups and miscellaneous debris during half. Our neighbor, Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated had his filled water cup disposed of when he went to get some pretzels. Now he's stuck with dry mouth and no beverage. I feel his pain, but fortunately my semi-hot tea was finished when the cleaners swept up the Hang Time cup.

. . . Amazing to me how many damn live-bloggers have come out of the woodwork for this Tournament - but remember that CSTV.com is giving you the most comprehensive at-the-arena, live-blogging of anyone.

Posted by David Scott at 01:33 PM on March 15, 2007

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