Buffalo: How I Met Your Bracket

By David Scott - March 14, 2007

In the interest of corporate synergy - and Hang Time is ALL about such synergy - you should check out the CBS celebrity brackets and pay close attention to those of Alyson and Cobie. Why? Because we like Alyson and Cobie.

. . . Yes, it's getting to that time of day when we start ogling TV actresses and completely ignoring the fact that tomorrow at about this same time we will be halfway through the opening round at this site. It's called attention deficit blogging (ADB) and you might as well get used to it. Last week, from Atlanta, we dedicated no fewer than half a dozen entries to snack food. It's all part of the live-blogging magic we provide to you, free of charge.

Please, please, please tell me no one at CSTV corporate headquarters knows how to get on the Internet. I'll be shipped back to Boston in a bucket of wings on the next JetBlue flight out of Buffalo Int'l Airport.

. . .So, as we were saying earlier, Duke's Coach Mike Krzyzewski sounded an awful lot like a man who is preparing his fandom for an inevitable letdown i.e., the Blue Devils not advancing to a Sweet 16 for the first time in a decade.

"This is the youngest team I have ever coached and no one is ever going to pay attention to the age of my team," said Coach K, when asked to elaborate on why he had earlier sstated that this was one of the most interesting seasons and teams he's ever coached. "They look at the age of me and the program. We really need to give these kids a chance to grow while the program is being viewed as old and successful and that dynamic has made for an interesting season."

. . . The Duke players and coaches signed autographs after their practice session (the only team to even have the need to do so thus far) and Coach K signed a few items as well, including a book that we assume was one of his. Many of the fans who had settled in to watch Duke, headed for the gates once the Blue Devils finished. There are still a couple of hundred fans taking in the Pitt open practice.

. . . After the Duke session, Pitt took the floor and Blue Devil assistant Steve Wojciechowski sat behind the scorer's table and took in the Pitt practice.

. . . Pitt's big man, Aaron Gray, who was just atrocious in the championship game of the Big East, practiced in low-top adidas with either no sox, or those really low ankle sox. He appeared to be saving his ebergy for tomorrow night's 7:10 p.m. tip.

. . . Coach K on Gerald Henderson: As a result of the North Carolina incident (that resulted in the broken nose and mask-wearing for Tyler Hansbrough) he has gotten attention that you would not want to have for a player. I have tried to be the one to get the attention, instead of him. I think some of that stuff just happens. I have tried to be there for him because I don't think he did anything intentionally. He's one of the great kids we have in our program and we are getting him to move on."

. . . In a quirk of scheduling and travel, my namesake, David Scott of the Charolotte Observer is here at this site as well. It's my first meeting of David Scott and it's true what they say about us - we're great damn guys.

. . . Coach K played to the locals with this one: "We're happy to be here. Buffalo is one of my favorite towns. You always run into good people and good food, and in the off-season, good drink. It really reminds me of Chicago and we are excited to be here, literally."

Nothing like buttering up the Buffalonians (can that be what they're called?). We bet he gets free wings all weekend long.

. . . Oddest quote to hear coming from Coach K's lips: "We're thankful we're a six seed and in the tournament."

Say what?

. . . Okay, we'll catch the end of VCU coach, Anthony Grant's presser and then we'll get some Wright State quotes and notes as well.

Stay tuned and Hang Loose. . .

Posted by David Scott at 05:35 PM on March 14, 2007
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What, no bracket from David Krumholtz of "Numb3rs"? That would have been VERY appropriate!

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