Buffalo: Post-dinner Digestion

By David Scott - March 15, 2007

And, we're back.

We managed to get in both a bit of a walk aorund the interior of the arena and a filling meal and now we're ready for two more tilts - hopefully with a couple of upsets on the Horizon (League).

We just had a nice chat with Wright State's radio color man, Bob Grote, a former Raider player. It's the second game, but Grote is already chomping at the bit and really likes his Raiders chances of both running their fast-paced offensive sets and, perhaps more importantly, pushing Aaron Gray out of the paint and into "no-man's land."

. . . Before we get to that one, we've got No. 6 seed Duke facing off against No. 11 seed VCU in the San Jose Regional pod.

. . . Duke took the floor for shooting and lay-up lines with 31:30 on the pre-game clock (6:35 real time) and came out to a smattering of boos. The Blue Devils are in black warm-ups and white Nike sneakers.

VCU came out with 29:25 on the pre-game clock and its loud group of fans sitting in Section 116 slauted their court heroes appropriately. The Rams are in their bright yellow shooting jerseys and black shorts with yellow trim, they have a variety of black Nikes, some with the yelloe swoosh, others with the white (ala "TV" Teddy Valentine).

. . .A very lackluster afternoon of games as far as upsets go, so we're banking on some dark jersey wins this evening.

. . . Duke and VCU are meeting for the first time ever in tonight's contest.

. . . Our cheerleading match-up is very much a mismatch - more of a 2-15 than a 6-11. The Duke cheerleaders get the edge and in no small part, it is because they'r enot only perky and cute, but you gotta figure they smart and come from money of some sort.

Stereotyping? Yeah. But what do you expect from a guy who's going on his sixth straight hour of blogging. If you want non-chauvinist views, you've sadly landed at the wrong page.

Posted by David Scott at 06:44 PM on March 15, 2007

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