CAA: A Barn Burner

By David Scott - March 04, 2007

RICHMOND - Both teams continue to be patient on offense and diligent on defense as the game continues to ebb and flow with constant ties and lead changes. VCU is relying heavily on the 3-ball, while Drexel is content to try and go inside.

With 3:25 left in the half, VCU leads, 27-22.

B.A. Walker continues to stroke it form beyond the arc and now has nine points, all on 3s. Up and down Dominick Mejia has not been able to find his range from three-land for the Dragons.

. . . The Drexel dance team, in its frist performance had some t-shirts thrown at them which were thrown into the crowd earlier by the VCU dance squad. That's not very classy, VCU.

. . . VCU has one of those inflatable mascot thingies named Air Rodney who is bouncing around the student section in the VCU endzone closest to the Ram bench. Those things look great when they're bouncing, but they appear moronic when they are just standing around. there is also a regular mascot in a furry costume known simply as Rodney.

Posted by David Scott at 03:43 PM on March 04, 2007
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The facts in this blog need to be corrected:

The VCU Dance Team DID NOT throw t-shirts at the girls during their time-out performance. The dance team was on the sidelines and the T-shirts were being thrown by VCU fans in the crowd at the coliseum. Still not a classy move by VCU Fans, but do not point the finger at the dance team. They are the most respected dance team in the CAA.

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