CAA: Down to the Wire

By David Scott - March 04, 2007

RICHMOND - We're in for a doozy down the stretch here as Drexel has mounted a substantial comeback, but VCU has regained some compusure and is now more effectively executing on offense.

At the under-4:00 media timeout, VCU holds a 52-44 edge and appears to have wetahered the storm. Drexel just can't get it under six and the clock is their enemy. But they do have some 3-point shooters and are able to play stifling defense when they concentrate on it.

. . . The Drexel dance and cheer squads continue to get booed at each trip to the floor. It's not their fault they're not as talented as the VCU ladies (and men).

Posted by David Scott at 04:43 PM on March 04, 2007

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