CAA: Drexel Mounts a Comeback

By David Scott - March 04, 2007

RICHMOND - The Dragons will not go quietly and are starting to dump the ball the down low for interior scoring chances. VCU has hit a cold strecth on the offensive end, allowing Drexel to cut the lead back to eight, 48-40 with 10:11 left.

The fear is that Drexel has expended a lot of energy to get the game this close and VCu has been able to get some rest for key players, including Pellot-Rosa who has now checked back in a game high 16 points. elegar has 15 for Drexel.

. . .A steal and another MONSTER alley-oop to Frank Elegar cut the VCU lead down to 48-34 after it had ballooned to 18. Elegar, a junior, is showing why he could be a career-NBA player, especially with another season under Flint and his staff.

. . .Wil Fameni had a tremednous rejection on a fast break lay-up by Mejia in the 14 minute area on a play that would have cut the lead to 12. The ball stayed in bounds to boot. It was immiediately called the Clayton Block of the Game by the CN8, which is broadcasting the game.

Posted by David Scott at 04:26 PM on March 04, 2007

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