CAA: Even Action So far

By David Scott - March 05, 2007

RICHMOND - We're all tied up at 9-9 with 11:57 left in the half. Eric Maynor (five points) and Wil Fameni (four) have accounted for all of VCU's points.

. . . VCU's press is having some of its intended effect on Mason, including a turnover by Gabe Norwood in the 13:00 area. But Mason has also broken the press to find Dre Smith all alone in the paint for an easy two.

. . . VCU is once again making all the extra passes in order to find open shooters. It's a credit to coach Anthony Grant, for sure.

. . . Now, the VCU pep band leader has shed both his Total Package robe and his fusia buttond down shirt and is directing in an white t-shirt and white pants. Pimp Daddy Mason is still in his original cream suit and matching cream hat.

. . . A fan behind the Hang Time perch - not Pav - has an oversized blow up of Tony Kornheiser's head. Anything to get on ESPN, right?

Posted by David Scott at 07:12 PM on March 05, 2007

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