CAA: Mason Extends Again

By David Scott - March 03, 2007

RICHMOND - Mason continues to win each four-minute segment of the game and now leads 56-46with 7:58 left in the game.

Hofstra's going to have to make their run now if they want to make this a game.

. . . The Mason band is playing "Living on a Prayer," which had all of Mason Nation singing along with the line "We're halfway there. . ." Actually they're more than halfway there, but why ruin the lyrics and the amusing dancing by the band leader/pimp daddy.

You really can't help but be a part of Mason Nation - you know that last year they experienced something so special and it carries over, even now. What a wonderfully energized student section.

Posted by David Scott at 09:57 PM on March 03, 2007

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